Saturday, 10 October 2009

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Arriving in Genova, we tried a few of the lodging options in our book.

While waiting to find a place to stay in a semi-residential area, off in a corner, we watched Omo crawl along the sidewalk when a police car pulled up and two policemen approached us.
They asked 'where are you from?' and 'what are you doing?' and then they got down to the real point of why they stopped:
"You should not put baby on ground here."
"Oh it's okay," We said
"No it's not," they replied with serious faces.

We stayed for a day and decided that this is just another city designed for cars, not people and went to the port to see if there were any boats to Spain.
There was one leaving that night so we made the instant decision to leave and took a few buses across the city to the natural food store to buy some supplies for the 19-hour-long ride.

We found ourselves on a quite fancy ferry to Barcelona which even had a children's room full of plastic kid furniture, and Omo played for a while with 16 month old Mara.