Thursday, 10 September 2009

at 06:22 Posted by WanderingFamily

We got a sunny and tiny room in Firenze (Florence) owned by a man from Somalia who gave us a good deal.

The local natural food stores provided us with organic whole sugarless biscotti (traditional in Italy and in Firenze especially). In the picture, Omo is experiencing one of the many kinds.

We went to the museum of science, where you are officially not allowed to take photos, but the monitors allowed us to take some of Omo. We tried to skillfully catch some of the antique gadgets on display in the background.

Firenze has electric buses that run around the city (6 hour charge time for 30 km), they make no noise at all, they don't pollute the air, and they sure raise the standard of living.

Other pictures shown are Michelangelo's Pieta at the Museo Della Chiesa Di San Marco and the Boboli Gardens. We can't walk with Omo for too long because she needs crawling breaks, so we find a park, or the grass outside the train station (picture), for her to crawl and eat some grass. The last picture is of a friend of the owner of the hotel, who gave Omo a long diamond and gold necklace.