Tuesday, 25 August 2009

at 05:51 Posted by WanderingFamily

We went on a day trip to Pompeii, the ancient city that was buried in lava in 97 AD and then uncovered. It was much bigger than we expected and we even got to see a preserved cast of one of the victims.

Omo is still practising her elimination communication. She had to pee. A LOT.
(Yes we clean up after ourselves - unlike many roman dog owners!)

We transfered from Naples to Rome.

Rome is our favorite place so far. We have happily found a hostel that has a kitchen!! and is totally no-smoking!!
We found a couple of natural food stores and I have been joyously cooking away, though I do have to share 3 burners with about 30 people (ALL of whom are eating white spaghetti with plain tomato sauce).
Omo is happy here. There are all sorts of people for her to play with and there are common areas where we can put her on the floor and she keeps herself busy looking at people's shoes. She crawls everwhere very fast, but her favorite thing to do now is to pull herself up to a stand on anything she can and she can even do it with one hand. (And another update is that she has her two top teeth coming in).