Sunday, 16 August 2009

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In Brindisi we found we found 'Urupia'.

It is an eco-commune of 12 permanent members (Germans and Italians) and there were also 13 volunteers from Germany, Portugal, Denmark, and Italy.

They produce organic wine, bread, marmalade, and other preserved vegetables. They had a gray-water system, and use only biodegradable cleaning agents.

We had a nice dinner with all of them and then sat around the fireplace talking. They were all pleasant people, though too many are smokers.
There was also little one and a half year old called Emma who was very excited that there was another child there, and she said "Omo" in the most adorable way.
The next day Orian worked with them collecting firewood (downed olive branches) which they needed to make their bread.

Because we had contacted them at the last minute, they were unable to put us up for more than one night, but sent us off telling us to come back soon, with a few days notice.