Friday, 23 October 2009

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After 3 days of walking up and down five flights of stairs it was time to move on to new accommodation.

We found a cheaper 'hostal,' on only the third floor, above a small shopping mall. The lady of the house always greeted us in a high-pitch shrill voice, "Hola, Moma, hola!". Below us, in the mall, there were many stores for babies, and every time we went in and out, Omo would see the toy stores and start to jump up and down with joy, and force us to stop and look through the windows. But it is the whole display window, or toy store she likes, since she gets tired of individual toys after a few minutes.

Over the next week we did a very slow and thorough tour of Barcelona. It was such a wonderful city full of pedestrian-only areas.
The metro system was spectacular, so clean and quiet, stations everywhere, very clear smart signs telling you when to get off, a live timer that tells you when the next train is, butt-seats to lean on while standing and we never had to wait for more than 4 minutes.

First on our walking tour we did the Modernism Route and saw all of Gaudi's buildings. They gave us great inspiration for our future plans. And of course, each day, we had to set aside a couple hours that had to be spent in a grassy park in order for Omo to get her crawling and cigarette-butt-eating time.

Of course one of our favorite joys of traveling is checking out the restaurant options. Because we had no kitchen we ate out everyday and it turned out actually cheaper to eat organically out than buy organic produce. Our favorite restaurant was BioCenter, an organic vegetarian restaurant where we could get an entree and all-you-can-eat salad bar for less than $5. And on top of that, they had a baby chair that fit right onto our table! Our strategy was to eat there at 4pm and then we would be full until bedtime. Our other favorite was Juicy Jones. Though it was not organic, it was all vegan and very inventive and tasty. We were definitely one of their frequent customers.

We also found a few good natural food stores where we could load up on produce and a few goodies. There was a huge market where we could get cheap avocados, mangoes, and bananas.

One day we visited a modern art museum. The exhibit was very 'modern' (ie. I never 'get it') made almost entirely from recycled materials and slide projectors with lesbian/feminist messages. Omo practiced her stair climbing and avant-garde listening skills.

We also went to a museum of musical instruments. Each floor had a different family of instruments, some very old and unique. We really wanted to try out all the different shaped keyboard instruments, but this was one of those look-don't-touch museums, so had a go when the warden wasn't looking...
We found a playground inside the big city park designed for young children, though we may have enjoyed it more than omo as we pushed her super-fast on the 4 wheeler entertaining all the mothers with scared look on their faces.