Saturday, 8 August 2009

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Though our recent plan (out of many) was to go to Egypt and try to catch a ride with a yacht going south, we eventually decided that Mediterranean Europe is warm enough, so we took the ferry from Haifa to Athens via Cyprus.

Here is Omo as we packed our belongings just before we left home:

We paid a total of about $300 for a room on the ferry. It had no window but got a free upgrade to a room with a window because the ticket seller liked Omo.

Here are some pictures taken as we went on board:

Along the way we made a half-day stop in Cyprus and walked around the residential areas of Limassol, just getting a feel for the place.

Not too many passengers were on the ferry, the weather was great and we had a picnic outside:

Omo really liked sitting in front of the ocean by the window in our room. We put a pillow behind her, and she would occupy herself for quite a long time.

After 3 nights and 3 days we arrived in Pireus, the port town next to Athens. The trip was very relaxing, we could see Turkey and Rhodes on the way, and it gave us a good recharge for the busy city.